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Christina Noble

The Story of Christina Noble

The Original Noble Woman

When Irishwoman Christina Noble flew into Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) in 1989, fourteen years after the world had basically forgotten the war-torn nation, she left behind her an extraordinary life. But she didn’t realize the most important part of her story was about to be written in this new country.

Christina, a striking blonde, landed with a few dollars and some incredible courage in a country she readily admitted that she wouldn’t be able to show anyone on a map. She came to Vietnam on the strength of an unusual dream she had almost 20 years earlier. By middle age, Noble had already lived a life of traumatic experiences punctuated by tragedy and despair. But what followed changed the lives of almost a million kids who lived in poverty and despair—something she knew all too well from her own shattered childhood.

The two-decade old dream finally took human form on the streets of Saigon as Christina encountered young children who were scraping the dirt for any sustenance they could find. Her destiny began to unfold. Her incredible journey of mercy led to the development of The Christina Noble Foundation, and today, the seed of Christina’s dream has blossomed into 80 projects across Vietnam and in Mongolia, helping the lives of over 700,000 children.

Noble’s story has become a critically acclaimed film, Noble, the inspirational tale of a woman who believed that it only takes one person to make a difference. The amazing true story also inspired the “She Is Noble” campaign. We seek to share the stories of other ordinary women—just like Christina Noble—who are faithfully making a compassionate difference in the lives of people around them. We invite you to nominate a woman who you know is making a special difference somewhere.

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